Message from Coordinator

My vision is to generate productive thinking and logical abilities with the principle of Learning by Doing in every student of the Civil Engineering Department.
Our unceasing commitment to furnishing students with a strong, broad-based absolute engineering education and training them to learn, grow, develop, and achieve their goals in their pursuit to excel in their professional career with the abilities to become self-employed, employed or foreign employed.
I look forward to integrating my experience of over 4 years in instructing and research into the learning systems and the collaborative efforts of the faculty of the department and fabricating a comprehensive methodology that encompasses whatever matters for nurturing the minds of our students.
I look forward to preparing my students to face the real world challenges; the technology and engineering sector would offer in the future and succeed in offering technological solutions for the betterment of society and our nation.
We welcome you to the Civil Engineering Department as undergraduate and we hope to be part of your success. Wishing all our students a brilliant and bright future.

With Best Wishes,

Er. Kaushal Basnet
Coordinator (Department of Civil Engineering)
Mobile : +977-9842105613, 9803902828

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