Welcome to you for choosing Diploma in Civil Engineering as your future career

Diploma in Civil Engineering-Regular

Civil Engineering is one of the prominent and popular disciplines within engineering. Many people in the developed countries, developing countries and under developed countries have given emphasis for the broader application of Civil Engineering. This field has been helping the world for the all-round physical infrastructure development and it has been creating wage and self-employment opportunities both in public and private sectors. This curriculum is designed with the purpose of producing middle level technical workforce equipped with knowledge and skills related to the field of Civil Engineering so as to meet the demand of such workforce in the country to contribute in the national economic development of Nepal. The knowledge and skills incorporated in this curriculum will be helpful to deliver the individual needs as well national needs in the field of Civil Engineering.

  • Prepare technicians who are capable of undertaking works in civil engineering field as Civil Engineering Technicians under Road, Irrigation, Water supply, Urban Development and Building Construction and other civil infrastructures development related departments and sectors;
  • Produce middle level competent technical workforce/human resources that could provide supervisory works of civil engineering;
  • Prepare technical workforce who will demonstrate positive attitude and respect for the profession and socio-cultural values;
  • Help in meeting the demand of required Civil Engineering Technicians for the public and private infrastructure development sector of Nepal;
  • Reduce the dependence on employing such technicians from foreign countries and
  • Create self-employment opportunities.
  • He/she should have English, Science, and Compulsory Mathematics in SEE with 1.6 GPA or as per provisions mentioned on CTEVT admission guidelines.
  • Should pass entrance examination as administered by CTEVT.

For Regular Program

३ बर्षको जम्मा शुल्क रू ५००००/- भर्ना बर्ष २०८०/०८१ देखि लागु ।

पहिलो बर्ष रू २३०००/-
दोस्रो बर्ष रू १३५००/-
तेस्रो बर्ष रू १३५००/-

For Special Program

  • निःशुल्क
  • देशभरीका दलित, मुसलमान,बिपन्न हलैया, कमैया (नेपाल सरकारबाट सुचिकृत सुविधा वञ्चित (Disadvantage Group) २२ वटा समूहहरु (बनकरिया,बराम, बोटे, चेपाङ्ग, दनुवार, धानुक, हायु, झागड, किसान, कुसुन्डा, लेप्चा, माझी, मेचे, कुसवाडिया, राजी, राउटे, सतार, सिंसा,सियार, सुरेल, थामी, थुनम) छात्रछात्राहरुलाई प्रवेश परीक्षावाट छनौटगरी निःशुल्क रुपमा प्राविधिक शिक्षा प्रादान गरी समाजिक उत्यथान एवं आर्थिक उन्नती गर्नु यस कार्यकर्मको मुख्य उदेश्य रहेको छ।
  • परिषद् कार्यालयवाट छनौट भई अध्यनरत बिद्धार्थीहरूलाई कार्यक्रमको प्रगती तथा संस्थावाट प्राप्त भएको प्रामानित हाजिरि अनुसार निज हरूको व्यक्तिगत बैंक खातामा निर्वाह छात्रवृति रकम प्रतिमहिना ३५००/- (तिन हजार पांच सय मात्र)३६ महिना सम्म र पोशाक तथां यातायात खर्चवापत प्रति वर्ष २५००/- तथा १५००/- उपल्वध गराईनेछ।

Fee Structure 2080 Page 1

3 Academic Year (Six Semester)

Course Structure

  • Applied Nepali

  • Applied English

  • Engineering Mathematics I

  • Engineering Physics I

  • Engineering Chemistry I

  • Engineering Drawing, I

  • Computer Application

  • Engineering Mathematics II

  • Engineering Physics II

  • Engineering Chemistry II

  • Workshop Practice I
  • Engineering Drawing II

  • Applied Mechanics

  • Engineering Mathematics III

  • Surveying I

  • Workshop Practice II

  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

  • Building Construction

  • Engineering Materials

  • Social Engineering

  • Construction Drawing and CAD

  • Surveying II

  • Estimating and Costing I

  • Mechanics of Structure

  • Soil Mechanics and Foundation

  • Water Supply Engineering

  • Surveying III

  • Estimating and Costing II

  • Design of Reinforced Concrete (RC)

  • Transportation Engineering I

  • Sanitary Engineering

  • Construction Management

  • Design of Steel and Timber Structure

  • Field Survey Camp

  • Transportation Engineering II

  • Estimating and Costing III

  • Water Resources and Irrigation

  • Entrepreneurship Development

  • Project Work

  • Elective (One of the following)
    A: Trail Bridge
    B: Hill Road
    C: Hill Irrigation Engineering
    D: Gravity Flow Water Supply System
    E: Micro Hydro Power Engineering