Bloom to Gloom the future of rural people is the main core of Sumnima Polytechnic Institute. Sumnima Polytechnic Institute is one of its attempts, made for the betterment of the students through effective Technical Education and Vocational Training.

Sumnima Polytechnic Institute (SPI) has been established in the year 2069 BS., Bhojpur Municipality-6, Deurali in the Eastern region of Nepal as a Technical Institute. The main approach to establish this institution is to produce basic and middle level technical work force to meet the need of construction, agriculture, manufacturing and in service sectors.

The Diploma Curriculum has advocated not only education plus work, but also education in and through work. It had developed its own traditions and identity, focusing on personal attention to students, innovative programs and link with the professional faculties.

SPI provides Engineering and Agriculture Education for Life. The beautiful and spacious buildings are designed to have well planned academic block, computer lab, lecture halls, library, laboratories, conference hall, Workshop, Practical Fields, Playground, hostel and many more. SPI provides necessary support to strengthen the internal evaluation / continuous assessment system so that students are motivated to put in regular wok. Facilities ensure that all students gain optimal advantage in terms of advanced technical knowledge and skills. The programs offered by the institute have been designed to offer distinct aspects of intellectual growth and development.

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Vision, Mission & Value

VISION: SPI committed to providing quality TVET programs and services for adult learners.

MISSION: Our mission is to guide and prepare learners in attaining their highest academic goals and competency levels to qualify them for initial employment and/or career advancement.



  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence


  • We transfer teenage power into technically competent & socially responsible human resource.
  • To direct our service of education to the students ensuring their development by unfolding & activating their unique potential, creative ability & equipping them with technical & generic skills so that they would prove a talent pool to the industry & society at large.
  • To produce technically competent, quality conscious graduates.
  • To develop functionally suitable and conducive environment for students and staff for academic purpose.
  • To develop the SPI into the center of excellence.
  • To implement Effective & efficient Teaching–Learning practices.
  • To increase percentage of graduate’s placements.
  • To strengthen industry institute interaction.
  • Help students for personality development and career guidance.
  • To develop an e-learning Institution.
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Greening TVET is Our Motto

1. Greening Campus

2.Greening the Curriculum and Training

3.Greening Research

4.Greening the community and workplace

5.Greening institutional Culture

6.Greening the institutional Technology